A 12-Point Checklist for Leadership & Presidential Debating

It’s election-cycle time again, and presidential debating is in full swing. I find it interesting how candidates communicate their desire and qualifications to become the leader of the free world.

This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans or conservatives and liberals. This has everything to do with how real leaders inspire others and increase their influence when hoping to increase buy-in from others. And in the case of presidential candidates, buy-in means votes.

The Big Picture

To increase influence and develop buy-in, leaders need a vision for a better tomorrow and a plan for how to get there. And that plan needs to embrace reality.

To decrease influence and buy-in, leaders push others down to make themselves move up. The only direction you go when you push others down is down yourself.

12-Points for Debating That Inspires & Develops Influence

1. Do talk about what you can and would do to lead our country

2. Do NOT talk about what others can't or didn't do

3. Do be positive and inspiring when you describe your vision

4. Do NOT be negative and complaining about others and their vision

5. Do talk freely about your OWN beliefs

6. Do NOT attack the personal beliefs of others

7. Do focus on YOUR values and character

8. Do NOT disparage the values and character of others

9. Admit your mistakes and take personal responsibility for your past choices

10. Listen as much as, or more than, you talk

11. Answer the question you are asked and don't wax poetic about some other unrelated point

12. Show respect for your colleagues; just like you they have earned the right to be there

Americans are looking for inspirational leadership. We want someone with high character and solid values to inspire us with a vision for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. We don't care what someone else didn't do; we only care about what YOU WILL DO.

Now, let's get out there and show them what real leadership is all about!!