Busy Doing What?

Some of the most successful people I know are also some of the busiest people I know. How do the busiest people have time to do the really important things that lead to higher levels of success? The answer to that question is the basis for the sign I have on my desk – “I know you are busy Perry, busy doing what?”

Busy, but Successful People

Everyone I know is busy. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who is not busy. The difference between people who are busy and people who are successful and busy is two things:

1.     They prioritize the high value activities

2.     They say “no” to things that distract them from high value activities

Are you using busyness as an excuse for not doing the things you know would move you forward? Are you waiting for things to slow down so you can do that really important thing?

Your Intentional Action Plan

What would it take for you to become intentional about how you attack your day? Here are

-       Get up earlier

-       Decide in advance what your three most important activities for the day are

-       Work them in order of most important to least

-       Remove distractions from your work space

The operative word in this plan is “intentional”. Success and productivity never happens by accident.