Patriots? AGAIN? What Are You Doing to Repeat YOUR Remarkable Performances?

It Super Bowl time again, which means it’s New England Patriot time again. I notice when people are asked who they are pulling for in the game, a common answer is, “Anyone but the Patriots!” I noticed the same attitude around the American college football national championship game where the Alabama Crimson Tide has dominated for the past few years. Why is this? Why do we like to pull against a team, or a person, who continually puts themselves in position to win?

It’s actually much more difficult to repeat as league champions than the Patriots or Alabama make it look. The premise for my book, Repeat the Remarkable, was born from my interest in why there were so few repeat winners. In the book I defined “remarkable” as the ability to consistently differentiate yourself or your business through the quality of your attitude, your actions and your outcomes. I think the Patriots and the Crimson Tide have consistently differentiated.

3 Reasons for Not Pulling for a Winner

After watching social media for two weeks leading up to the “big game”, here is why I think we don’t like repeat winners:

1.       We don’t like the way they win – be it their on field displays or the way they interpret the rules, we just don’t respect their approach to the game.

2.       We don’t care for “dynasty’s” – let’s face it, it’s just not fun watching the same teams win it all every year. Unless of course it is your team!

3.       We love to pull for the underdog – when the underdog wins it gives us hope that we can one day win.

Repeating YOUR Remarkable Performances

No matter whether others are pulling for you or not, your job is to position yourself for consistently delivering remarkable performances. Here are a few thoughts on how to do that:

-          Define Success – Legendary college basketball coach John Wooden defined success as “peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." Stop worrying about what others are doing and be the best version of you!

-          Become Better – easy to say, hard to do! Author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn reminds us, “don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.” It takes consistent effort over time to develop the skills and abilities to repeat remarkable.

-          Have an Abundance Mindset – Someone else succeeding and delivering remarkable results does not take anything away from you. Cheer others on. Encourage the greatness in others. By lifting others up, you will go up as well. If you try to keep your success just for you (scarcity mindset) you won’t have the influence needed to truly repeat remarkable.

Well, the Patriots did it again! Good for them! They earned it. The question you need to be considering today is, what’s your Super Bowl? And what are you doing every day to put yourself in position to be there?