Engineering a Personal Transformation

I have always wondered why people wait until January 1 to make a decision to change something in their life that they know they should change. Set some goal. Decide on a new way. I get that January 1 has the clear feeling of a new beginning, but so can any day that you decide to make a change.

A personal transformation means that you will move from where you currently are to where you need to be to be a better version of yourself. To transform requires two things: First, a decision to change; second, a vision of what the transformed you looks like, or the outcome you desire.

5 Tips for a Successful Transformation

Personal transformations have a much better chance of success when you take intentional action.

1.Make sure your “why” is strong enough to sustain you in the tough moments.

If you are making a change because it is January 1 and just seems like a good time to try something different, then you will not make it to February. When challenges arise your feelings will take over and no one feels like transforming.

2. Set smaller goals that can be accomplished daily

A common trap of well-meaning transformations is setting large goals that become overbearing and almost impossible to sustain. Decide on something small that you can do daily that will move you toward your goal slowly.

3. Aim for consistency

You will have a much greater chance of completing your transformation if you take small steps daily versus taking larger actions less frequently. There is a magic about doing small things daily, consistently over time that just works. No consistency, no transformation!

4. Celebrate milestones along the way

A true transformation takes time. It’s easy when results begin to show, to stop doing the daily disciplines that got you to this point. Celebrate the small wins and then stay focused on the daily consistency.

5. Share your goal, progress and challenges with someone else

Call it accountability if you like, but when we include others in our transformational journey it just seems to make things more real. I am much more likely to stay the course if I know others are watching and pulling for me.

It’s not what you intend to do that gets you to your goal, it’s what you actually do that matters. Make the decision today to venture outside your comfort zone and begin the journey to a better version of you.